We are initially importing 3 models of these Dutch manufactured, double skinned GRP, luxury launches. For each model there is a standard specification but each launch can be fitted with a wide range of optional extras. Engine sizes, teak, instruments, cushions and stainless steel fittings are the main areas where choices can be made.

  • Van Wijk 550
    At 5.5 metres the smallest launch in the range which is fitted as standard with an inboard Yanmar 14 hp diesel engine. Also available though are 21hp, 29hp, 40 hp and 54 hp versions.

  • Van Wijk 621
    At 6.21 metres this is the most popular launch and there are two versions, the classic and the lounge. Fitted as standard is an inboard 14hp Yanmar diesel engine but also available from the same manufacturer are 21hp, 29hp, 40hp and 54hp versions.

  • Van Wijk 830
    At 8.3 metres this launch has plenty of room for a big family. Fitted as standard is an inboard 18hp-125hp Yanmar diesel engine.
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